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Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy

As you may know, most of the daily fantasy sports sites allow each individual/account to place an unlimited number of lineups per tournament. This, in my opinion and I’m sure many would agree, gives certain individuals with deep pockets an unfair advantage. Sure, everyone has a fair shot at hitting the top spot on any given night, but the reality is you need some bit of luck to build a near-perfect lineup. By being able to place hundreds or even thousands of lineups, you give yourself a much better chance of hitting one of the top money prizes.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand that people who place multiple lineups are paying for those lineups and that they are doing nothing wrong. And being somewhat of a gambler, I like taking a chance at bigger money at Fanduel or Draftkings. However, I also know that playing at Fanduel or Draftkings, my odds to win any kind of money is not as good.

Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy has recently made some changes which I believe will promote fair play in the world of daily fantasy sports.

Here is the announcement:

Yahoo values fair play and is taking steps to help level the playing field for sports fans and make Daily Fantasy more transparent and fun. Here’s what this means for you.

Limited multi-entries

The multi-entry limit per user for all contests will always be less than 1% of the contest entry limit, up to a maximum of 10 entries per user.

Example: If a contest has 199 entries, each player would have a maximum of 1 entry. If a contest has 200 entries, each player would have a maximum of 2 entries.

Scripting is prohibited

Yahoo will not allow any type of scripting tool to upload or edit entries.

Know your opponents

Highly experienced players will be clearly labeled as “Veterans.” A veteran is a player that meets at least one of the following:

  • They have entered more than 1,000 contests within a single year.
  • They have entered more than 250 contests and prevailed in greater than 65% of them within a single year.
  • They have won a single prize of $1,000 or greater more than 3 times within a single year.

We’ve also made it easy for you to set your daily deposit limit and control how often you play.

I’m sure different people will have different opinions about this fair play policy depending on which side of the fence they sit on. Everyone has a different strategy in building lineups, but all the stats and reports in the world won’t get you to the top spots. With so many variables that can make or break a lineup, you need some luck. Limiting the lineups, sort of reduces the luck factor and puts more emphasis on skills.

What are your thoughts?

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