What DFS Research Websites Can You Trust?

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There are a few large publications that fairly regularly cover the daily fantasy sports (DFS) industry, both for news and for lineup building information. And now there are lots of niche DFS blogs that post content to try and help DFS users do better by recommending ideal players for any given day, and providing team vs team match up intel.

More and more content publishers are fighting for DFS user’s attention, and a variety is a positive thing for the industry, but the problem is which mainstream and DFS blogs can you actually trust?

I would recommend reading a wide variety of sites initially to see which ones resonate with you the best in terms of consuming the content, and actually putting the information into action when building your DFS lineups. Some posts may leave you more confused than when you originally arrived to the site, and that’s certainly a bad thing because your main goal is to quickly get quality recommendations for your lineups, select those players, and enter some contests.

An important thing to do is to track results from each of the sites that you trust for your DFS research. Too many DFS users will use information from a site or sites, then not connect their contest winnings or losses to the player recommendations they received and ultimately used. If you keep consistently losing after using the same sources for DFS information, then you really should consider finding new DFS material to read, watch, or listen to, or just tweak your lineup construction process in general.

Some DFS users don’t really read much content, and instead solely use DFS tools and analytics services for their lineup building needs. If that works then great, but I think it’s important to both consume DFS related information for the sport(s) you are competing in for a foundation of knowledge on a particular day, and use DFS tools to dig into player stats and fantasy data to make educated judgement calls as to whether player’s salary numbers are worth the investments or not.

Keep an eye out for feedback and social mentions of the articles that you are putting stock in from a trust perspective, and see how others feel about the same content that you are relying on. If you observe positive sentiment from DFS users, and the results you see personally are consistent with that notion then you can feel good about your choices. But always tweak where you get your information from by adding or removing sources on a monthly basis. And keep in mind that DFS is sort of a secretive industry since users don’t want to offer much help to their competition, so social signals can often be minimal.

If you mostly just read DFS content to get facts only, then you can safely keep using those sources and lean on them. I’m mostly discussing sites that are offering up opinions, player’s fantasy point projections, and essentially subjective and debatable insights.

Just like in life, when you find something or someone you can trust it’s an amazing thing, and you need to be able to put your trust in the inputs you use for your DFS lineup building process. We ultimately make all DFS player selections based on our gut, and our gut relies on trust and belief, so what we put into our minds has to successfully satisfy our emotional side too.

Trust takes a long time to earn, can be taken away in the blink of an eye, and can be impossible to gain back, so it’s important for those who gain influence and earn trust in the DFS industry to treasure and nurture the honor to build stronger relationships over time. I for one take great pride in building up my DFS integrity, and with every article I publish, connection I make, and communication I have with someone who’s involved within DFS one way or another, I value highly and take nothing for granted.

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