Five Daily Fantasy Sports Predictions for 2017

The daily fantasy sports (DFS) industry is rapidly changing for many political and business reasons. We saw lots of interesting things happen in 2016, and I’m sure we will see even more radical changes in 2017. Below I list 5

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DraftKings Hockey: These NHL Players Will Help You Win Your Contests Tonight For November 3rd

The NHL season is nicely underway now, and there is no shortage of story lines to pay attention to including: Montreal being off to the best start in their illustrious franchise’s history, rookie Auston Matthews scoring 4 goals in his

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Play Daily Fantasy Sports Live At the Playboy Mansion To Compete For $600K

How would you like to compete for $600,000 at the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles, California in June? It’s pretty hard to resist! Learn how to qualify by clicking on the bunny image above. Good luck!

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DraftKings Announces a Revamped Player Rewards Program

As you may know, DraftKings offers a Frequent Player Point (FPP) program which awards points that can be redeemed for contest tickets and cool gear in their store. Today, they announced updates to their Player Rewards Program which will give you

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Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy – Fair Play Changes

As you may know, most of the daily fantasy sports sites allow each individual/account to place an unlimited number of lineups per tournament. This, in my opinion and I’m sure many would agree, gives certain individuals with deep pockets an unfair

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