Should You Share Daily Fantasy Sports Information With Your Friends?


I’ve been into season long fantasy sports for almost 20 years now. I’m still very passionate about the format even with daily fantasy sports (DFS) aggressively fighting for my time, attention, and love.

Any form of fantasy sports involves gathering information to help aid in making the most educated decisions possible for player selection and team building. In my seasonal hockey pool my friends and I discuss players, teams, and league information, but we all stay pretty tight lipped about pool guides, websites, cheat sheets, and other specific information sources. Each person does his best to give himself the best possible odds of winning, and in our pool there’s a good amount of prize money on the line so competition is tough. I’m the all time fantasy points leader in this pool but let’s get to the topic at hand which is about friends and the concern of sharing DFS information.

With traditional fantasy sports pools we compete directly against friends, and while some of us do the same for DFS as well, our friends are only a very small percentage of our opponents compared to the vast number of users we go up against on a regular basis.

At first I was reluctant to tell my friends about how I prepared for my DFS contests and built my lineups, but now I’m very open about everything since I don’t typically play them in head to head contests, and I want to see them do well and stay playing DFS for many years to come. And of course when DraftFuel launched I was both happy and proud to share our DFS analytics dashboard with them to make playing DFS more enjoyable and profitable for them.

If you are playing your friends in head to head contests on a regular basis then it maybe doesn’t make sense to try and help them beat you by sharing information and intel with them, but if you are against them in say top 50% contests with 100 lineups, and in the same GPP’s as them, then open up the conversation and try to help them out.

And who knows, maybe a couple of your friends will get better than you over time and repay the favor one day to help make you a better DFS player too. Plus you might be surprised to quickly learn about what DFS things your friends were keeping quiet about too, so try and be helpful and you should see some value and good karma come back your way.

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