Player Hot Streaks Are Critical For Winning In DFS

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The more I play daily fantasy sports, mostly on DraftKings, the more I recognize that using sports players who are on current hot streaks is key to winning. If an NBA player has put up at least 36 fantasy points over the past 7 games, then there’s a good chance that trend will extend to 8 games. After conducting some level of due diligence first of course.

This is especially true for PGA contests. I used to rely more on past tournament results than current form, but now I weigh my player selection influence based on 80% of current form and 20% from past tournament results. Of course I was always looking for players that had a strong intersection of these two categories, but the more I favor players who are hot at the moment with cool to warm past tournament results versus players that are cool to warm at the moment but have hot past tournament results, the better I tend to do. Of course there is usually a handful of players who are hot in both categories, but they typically have salaries above $11,000. For cash games you want players in the $7.5K-$9K range, and this mid tier of players you are usually forced to choose between current form and past tournament results, so that’s where you may want to apply the 80/20 split I outlined above.

I also apply the same thinking to my NHL and NBA contests, and will stay consistent when MLB contests are up and running again next month when professional baseball returns for its 2018 campaign.

I think this methodology is what makes DraftFuel so valuable, because you can quickly figure out which players are hot on DraftKings and FanDuel at the moment from a fantasy points perspective, based on various filtering options that are available to our users.

There’s a DraftFuel screen shot below outlining what a user playing NBA on DraftKings would do to see all players who have at least 30 fantasy points/game over the past 5 games. Damian Lillard and Paul George display, along with a few other players. From there a player can be clicked on to view his past game analytics and you can determine if he’s a good value pick to use in a lineup.

Filtering players by minimum number of fantasy points

I will still once in awhile use a player who may be cold at the moment but has had uniquely strong performances versus that specific opponent in the past. Players playing in their hometown for example sometimes find an extra gear and snap out of their cold streaks with strong play against their favorite childhood team.

There are so many variables to take into account when building DFS lineups, but certainly don’t underestimate the power of player hot streaks, and how they can empower you to win more contests and earn more money.

If you haven’t already, be sure to get an account on DraftFuel to get access to the player analytics and search tools you need to build better quality lineups more consistently, win more contests and money on DraftKings and FanDuel, save research time, track your spending, and improve your work flow process too. We currently support NBA, NHL, MLB, and PGA, and will be adding more sports leagues this year as well.

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