Pay Attention to FPPG When Building Your DFS Lineups

When I first started out playing daily fantasy sports a few years ago, I honestly didn’t have a clue what I was doing, I just jumped into it full blast. I had some decent sized wins here and there, but wasn’t consistently in the money, something which is extremely important when playing, otherwise you will need to constantly make new money deposits into your account.

The default way that players are listed on DraftKings and FanDuel is based on their salaries, from high to low. I would strongly advise that you click on the sorting drop down box and choose the the FPPG – High to Low option. I included a screen shot below from my mobile DraftKings app to visually show you what I mean.


This is a smart thing to do because when playing DFS you are looking for players who have good value, you want to maximize the number of total fantasy points and so if you can get a player who costs $4,300 that generates an average of 3.2 fantasy points per game vs a player who costs $5,800 who has a similar output, then go for it since that savings of $1,500 can be invested better into other players.

For a real life example take a look at the screen shot above and you will see that McDavid costs $8,500 while having 4.4 FPPG. Matthews costs $7,400 but his FPPG is just 0.1 lower. Mind you there’s much more to selecting players than only looking at their FPPG, but I truly believe my cash flow improved when I looked at the FPPG listing order vs the salary listing order.

You will of course want to regularly use quality daily fantasy sports tools and analytics to best assist you with building your lineups, but if you only have a few minutes or want to get a quick idea of where value lies before doing deeper player research then be sure to deploy the FPPG option.

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